Friday, September 29, 2006

Choosing a Recipe

I've given in and started a blog. I hesitated because I feared that it would turn into a egocentric mess, a beast beyond my control. Too many stories about my wonderful dog, random thoughts taken too seriously and boring complaints. In her book Julie and Julia, Julie Powell had a mighty, mighty goal that resulted in a blog with a purpose. Purpose is the trick. Not only had I discovered this trick, the purpose of Julie's blog was food! I love to cook and try new food. I never plan to be an expert in either, just constantly learning. That's the long term. The short term will be filled with culinary goals and adventures that I plan to write about along the way. It is certain that I will be sneaking in a quip about my dog, my test subject/husband, and garden from time to time. I reserve the right to digress a bit. I must also reserve the right to use fragments and misuse commas, parentheses, grammar in general really.