Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ahh, To Be a Guest

Another lapse in posts, I am ashamed. And yet, not too ashamed. It has become much chillier in recent days and that has turned me into a baking fanatic. I can not stop thinking of flour, sugar, and eggs! This has not really contributed to my Asian cooking project. The dessert recipes in that particular cookbook don't inspire me-only one requires baking. Instead, I have made chocolate chip cookies, (the family recipe) molasses spice muffins, an oatmeal-pecan pie that is the cover recipe of this month's Cooking Light (November 2006) and a traditional pecan pie. I had to use up the extra store bought pie crust (I cheat, I know) and leftover pecans.
I have been fortunate to be the guest for two dinners this week. My friend Kate has started a weekly Sunday night dinner tradition among friends. Frank, Christopher, Jack and I were the guests at the first dinner this past Sunday. We carved pumpkins as the food was prepared. Our dinner was roast chicken with lemon and herbs, a salad, squash, and rolls. Not to mention mulled cider. I must say that Kate is the best hostess I know. If it weren't for her, I don't think we would have carved pumpkins this year. Jack and I are looking forward to the Sunday dinners to come.
Jack's mother, Karen came by on Monday to share her homemade chili and celebrate her birthday. Jack's sister Molly was there too. We had a satisfying dinner and sadly, watched the Vikings loose to the Patriots. (Karen and Molly are Vikings fans.) We had two wonderful nights with friends and family and really good eats.
It is now a week later and I am proud to report that have I made something Asian!!! Next post: Vietnamese summer rolls.

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Karen said...

I got to thinking..why did I cater my own birthday dinner? That's okay. You've made many wonderful homemade meals for me! Thanks for being a wonderful daughter in law!
(and such a great cook too)!!!