Thursday, June 04, 2009

One Kitchen Down...

We hope to have our new kitchen up soon, yet I am preparing myself for a long haul. Last week my parents took a break from their retirement to help us demolish the kitchen. My dad then proceeded to put up new drywall and even improved the lighting - Thanks dad! My mom helped clear out some evil weeds in my garden - Thanks mom! Here are a few pictures:

No garden pictures...maybe soon. Here is one of three layers of flooring, it's the ugliest one:

Ugh! How was this ever stylish?!?!?

This weekend we will be working on sanding the drywall seems, getting our cabinet order together, and picking up paint and flooring for the laundry room. (Yup, that's being remodeled too) Our oven is currently hooked up, but it's been pretty hot in Seattle this past week. That means grilling time. Jack cooked up some burgers that other night - summer is here!

I have been so busy lately, I hope I find more time to post soon. We are fostering a new batch of kittens (mom is included), they are 5 weeks old and so sweet. I recently went to New Orleans with my friend Kathryn, plenty of food pictures to share! The music was another highlight, I highly recommend a trip to New Orleans. This Friday and Saturday my buddy Heather and I will be taking part in the Indie Banditas Bazaar on Bainbridge Island. We will be camping overnight. They set up a great blog that features many of the 50 vendors, check it out:

I'll try to have more pictures up soon!

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turvid said...

Looking forward to see your new kitchen!